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Maintaining a good health thro

            Sustaining good health can be accomplished through a variety of methods. The most effective method is the use of natural resources such as, herbs, various fruits, wine and renewal of the spirit. The use of natural resources is convenient for most people in the sense that money is not a major issue and the resources are available in large quantities. .
             Herbs have been used to promote good health through out the ages and have sustained this reputation until the modern age. For example coriander's essential oils have characteristics of killing unwanted bacteria and relaxing muscles in the human body, as it was presented by James A Duke for "Mother Earth News" (2002). Another herb mentioned by James A Duke is chamomile and its most common uses are, soothing the stomach, easing indigestion and can also be used as a sedative to help people sleep. Tea drinkers on the other hand exhibit a low cholesterol profile and also benefit from lower risks of cancer and heart attacks, reported by Lisa Stein (2002). The examples of tea, chamomile and coriander clearly show us that herbs truly have a positive effect over our health.
             In addition to use herbs, eating fruits regularly also helps people avoid certain diseases and maintain good health overall. According to Doctor Sanjay Gupta blueberries, which are powerful antioxidants that hold off Alzheimer and Parkinson's diseases (Time 2002). She also suggests citrus fruits because they the tendencies of decreasing the chances of getting cardiovascular disease and cancers of the prostate and colon (Time, 2002). Other fruits suggested by Dr. S Gupta are apples and squashes. Apples are suggested because they contain flavanoids, (powerful antioxidants) which have the tendencies to lower the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Furthermore, squashes are rich in compounds called carotenoids that help in preventing cancers. Squashes also contain vitamins A & C, potassium and fiber, which are all vital for the body's development.

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