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Mnemonic Devices

             Q: List three types of mnemonic devices that were not discussed in class and explain them.
             One type of mnemonic device, used for remembering information where structure is not important, is the Roman Room technique. The Roman Room technique is very simple. First you imagine a familiar room with objects in it that you know. Then, you create visual images representing the information that you need to know. You associate the images you created with the objects in the room that you are familiar with. To remember the information you take a virtual tour of the room in your mind, and when you see the objects, you will remember the images and what they stand for.
             The Journey System is a mnemonic device used for remembering long lists. The Journey System is similar to the Roman Room technique in the way it works, but differs in that structure and order are important. Imagine a journey that you know well, a route to work or to school or even to the mall. Then, you associate the information you need to know with landmarks on the way. For example, you may pass a statue on the way to school, and then a bank, and then the movie theater. You associate these landmarks with information. The order of the landmarks corresponds to the order of the information you need to remember. Then when you need to remember the information, in order, take the journey in your mind. The advantage to this device is that it is simple, but effective, and can be used forwards and backwards.
             If your list is not very long, you may want to use the Alphabet technique, a mnemonic device used to remember middle length lists. The advantage to this system is that you can tell if you are missing anything in your ordered list of information. Once again, create images for the things you need to remember. However this time, you create the images phonetically according to the letters of the alphabet. K might represent cake, etc. To remember the information, just recite the letters of the alphabet and recall the information as you go along.

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