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The School Uniform Question

             Imagine a stranger sneaks onto a school campus with evil purposes. Because all students are wearing casual clothes, it's hard to tell if the stranger belongs at the school. This is just one startling example too support mandatory school uniforms. Uniforms can keep the school safe, help students get a sense of unity and help students focus on their studies.
             Security is the primary reason for students to wear uniforms. Strangers immediately become conspicuous at school and this can help prevent students from unnecessary harm. In addition, it is harder for students to leave school without permission. Even if students cut classes, they are still under protection when staying at school.
             School uniforms give students a sense of unity. Uniforms remind students to behave themselves because students in uniform represent their school. When competing in games, instead of fighting for themselves, students are pursuing honor for their school and are thus inspired to perform better.
             Uniforms make all students equal. Education is something for all people regardless of background. Uniforms let the students know that, in terms of the right to receive education, they are neither inferior nor superior to anybody. .
             Opponents of school uniforms may argue that wearing uniforms is an elimination of individuality. However, we must keep in mind that a school is a place for students to study, not to engage in fashion shows. Besides, students can always show individuality off campus.
             To sum up, school uniforms keep students safe, help them become a better team-worker, and show them one of the true beliefs of education---equality. It's no doubt that uniforms should be compulsory for school students. .

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