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School Uniforms

            Imagine, just for a second, a school with uniforms. When you picture this what do you see? You see a complete likeness between students. They are all wearing the exact same clothes. Right? Now here is another question. Is every kid the same? No. Maybe twenty years these uniforms would have had effect on the violence issue, but not now. The way a person dresses is a part of them and everyone should be able to express him or herself in a way that they choose.
             When you were in high school did you wear uniforms? If you did I bet you hated it. Well the kids now would too. Things haven"t changed at all. At every school there are your jocks, preps, skaters, Goths, and many other little groups. Everyone belongs to a group of some sort, and there are always clashes between different groups. Its not because someone has better clothes that you do, its for other reasons than that. If you gave everyone the same uniform, its not going to change the way you feel about someone. You will still have the same clashes between students. It hasn"t changed yet, and probably won"t change at all. What can be changed is the way that the punishment is handled. That would have a greater effect than the uniform.
             Freedom of expression is huge to a teenager. Just by looking at a person you can learn a lot about that individual. Lets take your everyday athlete for instance. He or she will most likely be wearing athletic apparel. That's just the way that they show to others what they like. There is not going to be a fight between two people because one person has a Nike shirt, and someone else happens to not like it. That's just plain absurd. You know if all schools are put into uniforms, then what's next? Does everybody have to get the same hair cut too? Maybe they have to wear the same shoes. You know we might as well just start cloning people. Just let kids express themselves it doesn"t hurt anyone.

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