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             Personal situations differ when it comes to making the decision whether or not to get an abortion; the bottom line always proves that it is wrong.
             From a Christian point of view, not only is abortion morally unjust, it is justly considered a sin. Jesus gave his life so future generations could thrive and embrace the creation of life, not the destruction of it. By draining the potential life of a human being, you are draining the blood of Jesus and indirectly stating that his sacrifice was only in vain. .
             Even though the physical being is not fully developed at the time that abortion is possible does not mean it is not murder. From the moment of conception a bond between the physical and spiritual world is formed. The soul of the unborn child is very much alive. When a person goes into cardiac arrest and their heart stops beating and they stop breathing do we give up? The answer is no. We try to revive the person and bring him or her back into the physical world because we know that their spirit is still there. The same principle applies to an unborn fetus. Just because they aren't technically alive or apart of the physical world, spiritually they are as much alive and you and me. By taking fait into your own hands and getting an abortion you are assuming the role of god, the only one who has the power to begin and end the life of a being. When you interfere with this God's process you are going against God's will and his plan.
             Some people may argue that abortion is not wrong if rape is involved in the situation. Even in very unfortunate incidents like this, abortion is not the answer. Two wrongs don't make a right. This means that we shouldn't make the situation worse by taking away the chance for life to prosper because of the sin of another. Life is too precious to waste, and no matter how a human is conceived it is God's plan.
             Here is a situation to think about; A young girl become pregnant while she is still in high school.

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