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            Hey you! Stop beating that innocent child! Child violence is something occurring more often everyday. When children are young they can be known to be in a learning state of mind, and everything they see and do will come from their surroundings, especially their parents, teachers and peers at school. There are different kinds of violence found in children's literature but the most important are verbal, psychological, and physical violence, it is this kind of violence that has an impact on children's lives. Children at a young age have great difficulty knowing whether or not what is being presented is fact or fiction, this results in kids acting violently with others in their society. Violence can not only be maledict, but it can be beneficial as it can be a pellucid deterrent to harmful behaviour. Violence is all around today, to prevent it from spreading to children it must be faded out of children's literature the potential breeding ground for violence, and only use it for beneficial purposes, and teaching a child good morals.
             The type of violence that affects children the most today is verbal, psychological and physical. To keep children in an equanimity state they should be taught to articulate their problems in a peaceful manner, and to know violence is not something which will not always help them throughout their life. Psychological violence changes a child way of thinking, and results to violent behaviour and infelicity if a child misinterprets it incorrectly. This is shown in Snow White and Cinderella where there is an evil stepmother who seems to be occult (Kuntz 1). Children who live in a divorced family and have a stepmother might not like her because from their stories stepmothers have been nothing but trouble. Children should love their stepmother as a real mother, and not think otherwise of her. When it comes to physical violence, in stories this seems to be the best way to solve problems quickly.

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