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Poverty Issues In El Paso Texa

             Poverty Issues In El Paso Texas .
             When one thinks of poverty the thoughts that usually come to ones mind is that .
             poverty is a lack of shelter, it is not having the means to support yourself or your .
             loved ones. Poverty for most people provides a fear for the future and living from .
             day to day. Poverty is a topic that is always current, in that it is a problem that will .
             never be fully eliminated. Political, social, cultural, and economical factors all .
             contribute to poverty. These examples of poverty especially exist in the border town .
             of El Paso Texas.
             The main reason that the poverty level is so high in El Paso is due to the fact that .
             wages are low and jobs are hard to come by. There are not enough businesses in El .
             Paso to provide jobs for the entire population. For every three jobs in El Paso, two .
             of them pay less than minimum wage. Because of low wages and high .
             unemployment, there are more people that are receiving unemployment and .
             welfare. Due to these circumstances, the city of El Paso has many areas of town that .
             are run down and look impoverished. .
             Poverty is highly visible in many parts of El Paso. If you drive west on interstate .
             ten and look to your left, you can see Juarez Mexico. On that side, where Juarez and .
             El Paso connect, if you take a closer look it will reveal that the houses are very small .
             and dilapidated. One cannot even call them homes because they resemble shacks. .
             These shacks are made of multiple layers of cardboard that are pressed together .
             with tape, glue, and even staples holding them together. .
             Many of these shacks are spray painted to give the effect that they are indeed .
             homes. There are no windows on many of these houses and nothing to protect these .
             residents from the sand storms and other forces of nature that pass through El Paso .
             on a yearly basis. Inside these homes, you see people in torn clothing; hear babies .
             crying because they are hungry, and see younger children whose parents are so poor .

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