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Animal Shelters Without Achievements

            Think about how many times people stop at pet shop to look for a new puppy. Now think about how many of those people have stopped at an animal shelter to see if there is some pet they would adopt. Not even half of them have been in an animal shelter, even though they duplicate the number of pet shops. If a person is asked about directions to get to the closest animal shop they will know how to get to at least one of them, on the other hand, if a person is asked how to get to the closest animal shelter, most of the people will not know about one in their city. .
             The thing about animal shelters is that they are not known by everybody. Only people who are interested in volunteering in one know about them. The non-profit organization Animal Rescue League is succeeding with their purpose; however, they are not succeeding with every animal shelter's purpose. What they do is save homeless animal's lives, but what is next? People have realized over the past years that homeless pets population has been increasing but they still have not done something to stop it. The organization have to try to change people's way of thinking and make them conscious about the problem. The whole purpose of this organization is to let people know that animals are not disposable as the material things they have in their lives. They are not reaching it fully because even if they are saving animals lives, hundreds of pets are thrown to the streets every day, and at least half of them die because of the conditions where they live. The reasons of it are because people do not care about the topic, there is not a lot of publicity about this shelter, and it only has one establishment.
             The first reason why the organization is not completely reaching its purpose is because it can be seen every day that people still do not care about the overpopulation of animals in the streets. People all over the world keep throwing their pets to the street because either they cannot take care anymore, do not have the money, the time, or the encouragement to keep playing with them and looking after them.

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