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            Before 1870, Germany had been several small states among the German states were Prussia, the most powerful of them all. Bismack, the Prussian Statesman won the Franco Prussia war against France in 1870 and took from France a small industrial piece of land called Alsace-Lorraine. Also to guard against a revenge attack, made an alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy, therefore, Schlieffen knew that his enemy was France as Alsace-Lorraine was an important piece of land to the French. This therefore meant that his plan of attack would be aimed at France and Russia. Schlieffen knew that if Germany were to invade France, Germany would have to fight Russia as well because of the Franco-Russian Alliance. This alliance made it clear to Germany that if she was going to war with either of them, they would have to fight them both.
             Based on the technological inferiority of Russia, Schlieffen assumed that they would take longer to mobilize their troops, approximately six weeks, which gave Germany enough time to defeat France and to send her troops back to Russia where she can concentrate all her forces.
             Schlieffen realized that Germany could not attack France directly across the border due to the fortresses France had built along Alsace and Lorraine since 1870. He planned for nine tenths of the German troops to march to France through Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. And as they say that was that! All done finished finished done and done! What else do u want me to write for you, you filthy little cheat.

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