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Structure of Homo Faber

             If you open up the book to the third page you will notice that the book, "Homo Faber", is a report and is definietly the most appropiate expression for the structure of the text. The book is set to express and tell us past memories of Walter Faber. The text is a sort of autobiography of the life of Homo Faber documented over a period of a few months. Some of the passages in the text also give the impression of it also being a diary, due to the persoanl content. .
             The book consists of two large parts. The first part gives the impression that it is a report with various techincal details. The style of the work is very precise and explains things in detail, though not personal thoughts. The second part of the book is written by Faber in the hospital, and has a more personal impression, equal to a diary. .
             First Part. .
             The first part is the long travel, which Faber takes before ending up in the hospital after the accident with Sabeth. This part is written like a report. It gives more facts than perosnal details of Faber, while it is more technical than affectionate. He gives small details which are very inappropiate within a perosbal statement but when it comes to a report they are very important to the reader. .
             (p6)"I peeled my apple. I ate my apple", (p11)"Take-off normal, Population: Indians".
             It continues like this half the way through the first part until he sees Joachim dead, where he begins to get a bit more personal.
             The thoughts and structure of of the text is not personal at all though you get the idea that the narator, Faber, is trying to hide something. .
             "I hid my feelings, I believe. I inadvertenly lit my cigarette, which was strictly forbidden, so I quickly put it out again" .
             Here i get the idea that if he is trying to hide something away from other characters within the book meaning he must also be trying to hide something away from the reader. Another thought which backs up my idea is that he doesn't know what to do and just lights up a cigarette.

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