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            Dedicated researchers have spent decades trying to answer the question, "Is Evolution a fact? Human beings have evolved from different species such as Homo sapiens. The development of our growth from a hundred thousand years ago up,until now can be seen through the major transformations from the African Ape. To many people the thought that all human forms may have descended from the DNA body chemistry of apes, becomes frightening. People have taken the time to develop theories and make experimental observations to gather factual information to answer, the question that has taken millions of years to answer. The world can provide their selves with their own logical reasoning and decide whether or not they will take the time to see the bloodline and physical similarities that modern human beings and Homo sapiens from the.
             Paleolithic era share.
             Many scientists and archeologist such as Charles Darwin believe that all humans are closely related to African apes. Researchers did not base facts only on resemblance, but the first human species that were called the Homo erectus were well equipped with the body structure and abilities that are shown through the modern beings of today. Hip muscles used for climbing can be seen in the human structure that walked upon the earth. Paleolithic individuals used the world surrounding them to advance their understanding of life. Before the Poleolithic era, Australopithecus who were beings that belonged to the family Hominade (human like creatures) walked up right and they were able to productively perform tasks. The Hominidae family attained intelligence to help them move from one location to another in order to make tools and control fires. Each progressed and paved the way for the next generation of human like forms. .
             The transitions made from australopithecines to Homo erectus to Homo erectus to Homo sapiens all were developed through what the past left behind.

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