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An Inspector calls

            An Inspector Calls- Who in my opinion is most responsible for Eva Smith's death.
             In this play I attend to all the characters to which I think are most responsible for Eva Smiths death. Characters actions in the ply push Eva to the limit causing her to her identity many of times and until she had enough she decided to commit suicide with disinfectant.
             I will be looking at the people most responsible and least responsible towards Eva's death.
             Arthur Birling is a rich and successful man; at the beginning of the play Mr. Birling is in a good mood but cannot resist making speeches. His comments show how wrong he can be: the Titanic would sink on its maiden voyage; there would be two world wars; depression, social unrest, unemployment and strikes would characterize the next three decades. Although Arthur Birling is the head of the household, he still had something to do with Eva's death. Mr. Birling at the time of questioning might not of thought so but he did. Mr. Birling had sacked Eva Smith two years before her death because she arranged to go on strike for more money in here pay packet. "She"d had a lot to say- far too much- she had to go, still I cannot accept any responsibility." Could Mr. Birling have been to blame to Eva Smith's to committing suicide? Most probably not, Eva Smith had bigger worries than getting sacked from Mr. Birling's infirmary.
             Gerald Croft appears self-assured and someone who knows how to behave at all times. He is known as a very handsome man. As I find out later, he's an easy liar. Gerald croft lied to the inspector when he said he had never heard of an Eva Smith, until he told Sheila he had an affair with her, Gerald gave Eva money because she had no job, a few months later Gerald called off the affair s he did not want to lose his relationship with Sheila. When the inspector came back from the drawing room he overheard Gerald talking to Sheila about it. This could of lead to Eva's death as all the good things that happened in her life they had all gone.

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