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            Teens these days just don't know when to stop! Last week in Wilmington, North Carolina, what started as "careless fun" turned into a fearful brush with death. A group of students from Mutts Ville High School were rushed to the hospital after passing out due to the result of over-excessive alcohol consumption. .
             Phil Pugsly, star quarterback for the school's football team decided to throw a dinner party for his teammates on the night before homecoming. All was going well until .
             Puss. E. Cat (the opposing team's wide receiver) showed up with a gang of friends and started a brawl. When stopped for commentary, Cat stated that his intention was to "rough up Mutts Ville and dominate on the big day." .
             At the dinner, both teams fought viciously over who would win the next day's championship, until Puss E. Cat fell to the floor from a blow to the head. At that time, the boys from Mutts Ville pulled together and managed to beat down Cat's posse. The players were so badly bruised that they all left with bleeding tails or broken paws. .
             Out of pride, victory, and a sudden adrenaline rush, the Mutts Ville boys brought out the beer and began to celebrate. And that's when the real party began! Or so they thought .
             Three hours (and a few too many beers) later, all the guys were passed out on the floor. It wasn't until Pugsly's parents returned from their "weekend trip to the Cape" that the boys were discovered. They were rushed to the Wilmington County Vet-spital, where they have been ever since.
             The football game was cancelled, both teams got disqualified, and the boys are now left to be faced with endless humiliation for all eternity.
             Stinks to be them!.

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