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            What is the difference between mysticism and science? Myth are stories which we cannot explain; stories about things or beings we have never seen, or touched, and which we do not have any proof of, besides the divine inspiration people said to had when they wrote those stories. Science can be observed, touched, in other words, proven. It can be proven by experiments, equations, observations, etc. You don't need to believe in some person's story to believe in science, if you don't believe it, it can be proven to you. It is very difficult for me to believe that myth is better at arriving the truth because then I would be saying that everything was created by the Gods, and that everything that happens is because the Gods, or God, wants to. Early mythological stories are not very convincing; "the history or development of mysticism, it is as difficult to record as a history of the experiences of the human soul. The most that can be done is to follow its literature, mindful that God, the Author of mystical states, acts upon souls when and as He wills" (AUG. POULAIN, The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIV). I"m not saying I don't believe in myth at all, but scientific inquiry does explain the truth better. Before explaining why, let me make something clear. Am I denying God, the supernatural or all the mythological stories by saying science explains the truth better? No, because myth and science are very related to each other. As I said before, we call myth what can't be yet be proven or explained. Not being able to understand or explain something does not make it unexplainable. In other words, myth is a science, which cannot be explained because we don't have the knowledge to explain it yet. I say science is better at arriving the truth because most of the things we experience can be understood and proven by science. But what about things we cannot explain, like the beginning of everything, spirits, the human soul, God or death? Those things are all related to myth because they do not have a scientific, or proven explanation yet, but they will have someday.

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