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             On Tuesday September 11, 2001, the nation was forever changed. Following the single largest terrorist attack ever experienced by this country, thousands are dead or missing, tens of thousands know someone who was killed or injured, and many more have witnessed or heard about the attack through media sources and by word of mouth. Terrorist violence of this magnitude will affect people at all levels of involvement. Victims, family members, friends, rescue workers, emergency medical and mental health care providers, volunteers, members of the media, and members of the community, the nation, and the world have been forever saddened from this event.
             . Terrorism challenges the natural need of humans to see the world as predictable, orderly and controllable. Deliberate violence creates longer lasting mental health effects than natural disasters or accidents. The consequences for both individuals and the community are prolonged, and survivors often feel that injustice has been done to them. Acting on such anger and desire for revenge can increase, rather decrease feelings of anger, guilt and distress. For example, on the Oklahoma City bombing almost half of the survivors directly exposed to the blast reported developing problems with anxiety, depression, and alcohol. Over one third of these survivors reported that they had Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. The violence of terrorism in its many forms is abhorrent to all that believe human life is a gift of God and therefore infinitely precious. Every attempt to intimidate others by inflicting indiscriminate death and injury upon them is to be universally condemned. The answer to terrorism, however, cannot be to respond in kind, for this can lead only to more violence and terror. Instead, we need to stand for what is right and what this country is based upon, which is we will not ever give in to terrorism. .

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