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             Have you ever want to be a hero? Most of heroes have a special accident what makes them to have a thinking like I want to be a hero!' or to get a special powers. For example, Dare devil' got a bad memory that his father is murdered by bad guys and he made a resolved to be a hero. Batman also has unforgettable bad memory what concerned with his parents' death. After this accident, he decided to be a justice. However, this retaliatory spirit is the only reason why he becomes a hero?.
             In this book, there are many scenes what concerned with his suffering about his fatal. Bruce Wayne appears to be killed in a car race, only to have survived. It is the tenth anniversary of the last sighting of Batman and according to a poll, most teenagers consider him to be a myth. Why he has to do this acting? For what?.
             A moustache Bruce and Jim meet for a drink, celebrating that Batman had the chance to retire. So it is. He has been wanted to retire from the way of justice. It is very hard to prevent a right and he is getting old.
             Bruce Wayne is up late at night, down in the Bat cave, with everything draped in shrouds. He feels the core of Batman pulling him, urging him to return. But Bruce claims, "I will not let him. I gave my word. For Jason. Never. Never again." Alfred notices that Bruce has shaved the moustache off. Bruce never even noticed that he did it. Bruce is melancholy, drinking, sitting in a room, ignoring Alfred. He relives the death of his parents, the night they went to see The Mask of Zorro. He was young and does not have.
             enough strength. He couldn't protect his parents form a robber. That accident remains the most regretful thing to Bruce and I think that thing is a Bruce's turning point that let him has a sense of justice. .
             After Batman returns, many muggings are stopped by an unknown savior. Two girls, nearly mugged by members of the Mutants, are stopped before they can do any harm. The news reports it says "A large, bat-like creature has been sighted on Gotham's South side.

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