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Warren Buffet

            The stereotypical ideas that come to mind when a person thinks of a billionaire are typically expressed with such words as extravagance, luxuriousness, and flamboyancy. Although these thoughts are viewed as the "norm" and are almost expected from people of the upper crust, the worlds second richest man will not be seen living in a multimillion dollar beachfront mansion, owning a fleet of lavishly expensive foreign automobiles, or even dining in a five star restaurant. Instead, the world's second richest man actually enjoys his meals at the local Dairy Queen, accompanied with a Coca-Cola of course, he drives only one automobile, and he has lived in the same gray stucco house in Omaha, Nebraska for over four decades. Time and time again he has been described as "just a normal guy," the only difference between him and the average American being a mere thirty-six billion dollars, thirty-eight percent ownership in an esteemed investment company, and the title of "the greatest stock market investor to ever live." The man who is being spoken of, is of course, the "Oracle of Omaha," also known as Warren Buffet. Being in a class of his own as a well-known and respected individual, there are many fascinating aspects of, not only his financial career, but also his life in general. Areas of interest include Buffet as a young man growing up in rural Nebraska, and most importantly, Buffet as a businessman claiming a stake in the competitive financial world.
             Warren Buffet was born on August 30, 1930 as the son of a U.S. congressman. From an early age he was intrigued by the moneymaking process and also at an early age he found that he was excellent at this money making process. He sold soda pop door-to-door to the neighbors. Him and a friend devised a mathematical system for picking winners in horseracing and sold tip sheets called the "Stable-Boy Selections." Later on he worked at his grandfathers grocery store; him and another friend also installed pinball machines in barber shops for fifty dollars a week.

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