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             Comparrison between Granny Weatherall and Phoenix Jackson.
             Those are just a few words that some might use to .
             describe these two ladies. Both lives were filled with tragedy: from soon-to-be .
             husbands not showing up to the alter, and grandson's life is unquestionable from a .
             drink of lye. From heartbreak to prejudice, I will portray these two women and tell .
             you just how much Phoenix Jackson and Granny Weatherall are alike and how .
             much they differ.
             Phoenix makes a periodic journey into town to obtain medicine for her .
             grandson, who has swallowed lye and will probably never wholly recover. .
             Phoenix has made this journey so often that she can do it by a kind of interior .
             radar, and thus her mind is free to wander while her feet stay on track. Welled up .
             inside Phoenix is a lifetime of hardship, brought about partially by her role in .
             society: she is an old black woman in a white world, and she is thus cast into an .
             inferior position in a world that considers her as a unimportant gnat. A hunter she .
             meets treats her patronizingly, called her "Granny" and assuming that she, like a .
             child, is going to town to see Santa Claus. Both the lady who ties her shoes for her .
             and the first attendant at the clinic call her "Grandma"; the attendant rudely asks .
             whether she is deaf because Phoenix does not immediately reply to her routine .
             questions, and from that point on, she consistently treats Phoenix as if she were .
             This is ironic because there is so much inside Phoenix--so many years, so .
             much pain, so much awareness. When, at the story's end, she is finally treated with .
             a little compassion at the clinic, Phoenix demonstrates a miraculous ability to .
             accept the harsh circumstances of her life, and get on. Phoenix's path is worn out .
             not only because she herself has had to travel it so many times, but because it .
             symbolizes the path traveled by poor and oppressed black people at that time. I .

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