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Animal Fard

            Although it is hard to accept, Animal Farm was doomed for failure from the start.]T Animals simply are not intelligent enough to run a farm successfully.]SS What were the primary circumstances that lead Animalism to failure?]B.
             The first commandment to be revised was "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy."]T The citizens of Animal Farm were prejudice against creatures who had two legs to walk on.]D1 Snowball was a foe in the eyes of Napoleon and his followers.]E1 Snowball was not a foe, but a friend of the farm animals; he was the pig who thought of building the windmill.]E2 Napoleon held the farm from achieving greatness when he "declared himself against the windmill from the start."]E3 Building the windmill was necessary for easier food production, and Napoleon thought that food production was the one of the greatest needs.]E4 Snowball knew this truism from the beginning of the Revolution.]E5 On the other hand, Napoleon was also an enemy of Animal Farm creatures.]D2 When the other animal had ideas that differed from Comrade Napoleon's own, he would use his dogs to "solve" the problem.]E1 Napoleon used his power over the dogs when it was rumored that four pigs were secretly conspiring with Snowball.]E2 He and the other pigs also surrounded their selves with the nine dogs whenever they went out on the farm.]E3 The dogs struck fear into the hearts of the working animals.]E4 "Napoleon emerged . . . with his nine huge dogs . . . uttering growls that sent shivers down all the animals' spines."]E5 On the other side, not all four-legged creatures were comrades of Animal Farm.]Trans.
             The second regulation of Animalism to be altered was, "Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend."]T Napoleon was not a friend of Animal Farm at many a time.]D1 He used his power for his own well-being, not thinking of the other mediocre animals.]E1 Napoleon made a plan for his protection, taking nine puppies "up into a loft which could only be reached by a ladder from the harness room, and kept them there in seclusion.

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