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The odyssey

             Telemachos develops into a man during "The Odyssey" for many reasons. Telemachos's journey to maturity starts whenever his father leaves to fight in the Trojan War. During his journey, Telemachos endures many experiences that test his character and help him to develop. In the end of the book, however, Homer portrays Telemachos as a grown man. Telemachos develops in many ways to regain his father's kingdom and is pushed along by Athena's will and his own determination.
             Telemachos is thrown into the world when his father leaves and is forced to mature. In the first part of the story, Athena comes to Telemachos disguised as Mentes, son of Anchialos. Athena makes up a story about how she has come to the home of Odysseus and then advises Telemachos on how to handle his situation. She says to him, "Indeed you ought not to play about in the nursery any longer; your childhood's days are done." (13) He finally realizes that his life must change and that he has been living in his own world all of this time. Telemachos heeds these words and her other advice very well. The next day, he calls together the council, but all things do not go as well as he had planned. His speech starts off very well but gets whiney towards the end. He breaks out into tears and starts to speak very angrily. This is normal for him because he has not had experience with controlling his emotions. Telemachos is still very much a child in his actions, but he does change. Although most of the people feel remorse, Antinoos, one of the lead suitors, recognizes this tantrum and calls him on it. Antinoos emberasses Telemachos by saying, "You are a boaster, Telemachos, and you don't know how to keep your temper!" This is all very true because Telemachos still has a long way to go on the road to maturity and this was his first baby-step; even though it did not go as planned, it still helped him to be more prepared for his next encounter.

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