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            Appearance is one of society's great flaws for social acceptance and plays a major theme in Mary Shelley's novel in Frankenstein. In modern society as well as in the society of Frankenstein, people judge one solely on their appearance.
             Social prejudice is often founded on looks, whether it be colour of ones skin, clothing one wears or even the way a person performs himself or herself. People make instant judgement based on those social prejudices, which is the reason for the creature becoming an outcast and named a monster.
             The monster seeks acceptance immediately upon getting his new life.
             "Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room and continued a long time travelling my bedroom chamber, unable to compose my mind to sleep. " This quote stated by Frankenstein portrays that the creatures own creator will not look at him for its appearance is too horrific.
             The creature is repeatedly rejected, time after time by simple misconceptions. They wrongly treat the creature on the assumption that he is a monster. He is first rejected by his creator and this is followed by everyone else he meets, be it the villagers who throw stones at him, the man who shoots him after he had saved the little girl's life, the De Lacey's who beat him and even little William who even though he is only a child having not experience much of the world, shows the very same prejudice because of the creatures appearance. I think Mary Shelley is trying to display that even at a young age, society has its set rules and is actually quite ignorant. No matter how kind the creature is, or how educated and civilised he seems, the result is always the same.
             Human beings all want to be accepted in society for their intellectual and physical abilities, as does the creature. Although unlike a normal human being, the monster has no family, no acceptance. When the monster views the De Lacey's in the cottage, it wants to learn the language to be accepted.

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