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Is there still a case for comm

             Is there still a case for common agricultural policies in Europe in the 21st century? If so, is it different from that advanced in the late 1950s?.
             Common agricultural policy (cap) has been the most criticized European community policy (EC). The European union (EU) is the worlds largest agricultural importer and the worlds second largest exporter.
             For the past 30 years the common agricultural policy has made the EU the the worlds second largest exporter in agricultural products. In order for that to happen it means that the European agricultural products are very competitive through out the world. The EU market share world wide was 21%in 1981 and 30%in 1989, meaning that EU was becoming better in exporting against its main rival the US.
             Let me state very briefly some factors that someone should know in order to understand why several issues happened for several countries since we will travel back to time to 1950s and then to the 21st century.
             The European Economic Community (EEC) was created by the treaty of Rome in 1957,then in 1967 the EEC came together with the European Atomic Energy Community and the European coal and steel community and formed the European Community (EC). In 1992 the treaty of Maastricht established the European union (EU). The first six members were Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. In 1972 UK , Ireland and Denmark joined as well. And then an until now Greece joined in 1981, Spain and Portugal in 1986 and Sweden, Finland and Austria in 1995.
             In 1999 the EU adopted changes to the CAP and formed a package called "agenda 2000" .This program was a new financial framework for 7 years through 2006. "CAP budget costs amounted to over 47 billion dollars in 1997 and accounted for 50%of all EU expenditures." So agenda 2000 was introduced in order to cut costs of the CAP ad make trade better off.
             In the 1950s CAP was different than the one in the 21st century.

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