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             The fact of the matter is many people such as I have problems noticing people's flaws rather than noticing the positive side of the person. I have found that I have many problems in that category. When I notice a flaw I tend to call them on it not realizing the fact that I might be hurting their feelings. But I have chosen to write about myself because I have seen myself focusing on my flaws such as I make fun of people to much, and some other stuff, but I don't spend enough time looking at the bright side of myself. I have rather good qualities about myself like, I am a real nice guy, I say what I feel, I say what other people are afraid to say, I like to install car stereos, I build and repair computers, I like to network computers, I have a good personality, I am loyal, never underestimated, I am high achiever in certain things, Such as, in the automotive area, mobile electronics, and computers. Its not easy noticing the good side of people due to the fact that the first thing you hear is their voice, attitude and the way they act towards you. But once you get to know the person they are really a nice person. But what I have really notice about things, is that if you focus to much on good qualities of a person you get to know the true colors of that person and its not really a nice site when you get into it with them in a heated discussion. They will tend to throw things that you have trusted them with you confide in them because you trust them. I do not know why I have the tendency to focus on negativity because I have a hard time trusting people I had a bad trust issue when I was younger so I feel I am the way I am because of that. .

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