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             "The Outsiders" is a very good book with lots of action and emotions.E Hinton, the author, does a excellent job in showing Darry's friendship with Pony Boy. Your emotions change a lot in this book from sad, to scared to sad. Three boys living in a home without a mother and a father makes you feel sad for these boys. The author shows the boys anger when Darry hits Pony Boy and Pony Boy runs away and lives afraid and lonely. When Johnny dies Two-Bit is so sad and angry he runs away and robbing a convince store. There is also lots of sad emotions and lots of anger but not very much love and caring like one gets from a mother and a father. When Johnny dies and then when Dally dies, you see how hard it is for three boys to express their loss and feelings about death. .
             The Outsiders show sad emotions from the very beginning when Soda Pop, Pony Boy and Darry live in a house where Darry has to be the mother and father for this family. It is not like a real family because there are no warm hugs, no house rules, just a little bit of love. Fighting is all around these boys. They fight at home with each other and they fight outside of the house in gangs. This is normal for them. Everyone expects them to be fighters, the school kids call them greasers which is a name that seems to mean that they are inferior to the other kids. They don't have very much money and they don't value going to school, they don't see very much in there future. .
             When someone dies, the sadness is turned into anger. When Johnny dies and he tells Pony Boy to stay gold which I think means to stay the same and don't change. There is not a lot of hope for the future to do better or to get a different life. When Dally went and robbed the convenient store, and then gets shot by the police there is a lot of sadness but life seems to move on. It is not the end of the world like it would be if I lost my bother or friend. Some of the events are not really bit deals like when Johnny killed Bob.

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