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             Ebonics is a combination of the terms "ebony" and "phonics". In 1996, the Oakland School Board put forth a plan to legitimize "Ebonics" as a language and use it as a way to communicate with their students. Has the Oakland School Board gone too far by wanting to integrate Ebonics in the schools" learning system? My position on this issue was very uncertain for a long time, but after viewing the video and hearing the in-class discussions I felt certain I was stable on my view.
             Before being presented with the video and in-class discussions I favored the thought of so-called "training" teachers to learn Ebonics. I felt that this would be a more effective way to reach those students who had a hard time grappling the proper way to speak and understand "correct" English. When I heard this I thought, "Great, now these youth will be able to prove to America that we can achieve as much as other races." For once, teachers and students would finally be able to understand and communicate more efficiently and make it less likely that students and teachers would get frustrated with each other. This was a very simple and easy way for me to grasp the concept of Ebonics in the schools and accept it. Soon after seeing the video of Dr. Ernest Smith and hearing the classes" comments my opinion drifted towards the side of highly disagreeing.
             Ebonics was coined by Robert Williams in 1973 to describe a rich mixture of grammar, syntax, phonology, phonetics, morphology and semantics spoken by people of African descent, or black folks. This was word was not created to describe the problem that Black children have with learning in White Americas" school's. In my opinion this word has nothing to do with enriching the intellect of the students. That's ludicrous! There is no way one can convince me that Ebonics should be taught to teachers and other to communicate with students. Why!? This is a form of dialect that we, us black folks, have come to communicate with.

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