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            Ebonics is as much a language as Spanish or French. Ebonics reflex a whole unique culture. Ebonics was developed by African slave descendants; it is a blend of primarily West African and European English. The main difference between Ebonics and traditional English is the distinctive pronunciation, the ways in which the words are combined to form grammatical statements. Some examples are the use of "ain"t", ending sentences with prepositions and the use of double negatives. Someone speaking the language of Ebonics is no different then if someone with a heavy southern accent. Just because a group talks differently then you doesn't mean that it's wrong or that it's not English. It may not be proper in some situations but its part of who that person is. For example, two people living only hours apart speak differently and may have trouble understanding each other if they use different terms for the same thing. An example could be if someone from the Midwest and someone from New York City were ordering lunch, the Midwest person my order pop were as the NYC person would have called it soda and might not even know what pop was referring to. The way people talk, there accents and the cretin words they use is all a reflection of who they are and where they come from, there background. People express themselves in many different ways. There was of communication is one of these way.

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