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            In our society today, a certain language has evolved from the english language. This rather modern languange has taken the name "ebonics". The word ebonics comes from the latin root ebon or ebony which means dark. thus, ebonics is the language of the dark or african american people.
             It has been tried in some school systems to acutally teach this "language" in the curriculum. This of course was a failure. This language does not come from ancient roots or culture. The idea of considering this as anything but slang is stupid. Many languages have come from other languages or the "father languages" such as latin and greek. but ebonics is the result of illiterate people who can't learn or comprehend the english language.
             It is not unfair to teach people who speak this way proper english. Yes we have many french and Jewish and Middle Eastern citizens in the country but we aren't giving them special treatment either. The official language of the United states is english with spanish rapidly following. notice that french or hebrew or arab is not one of them. niether should ebonics. just because a large population speaks it, it does not constitute a language. ebonics is just an adaptation of english. no, it is not even an adaptation. it is a sick distortion. many well educated people do fine with english. it's the inner city culture that pushes this dialect. it's no coincidence that people who use this "language" are the source or main contributors to our problems today.

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