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summer school reflection

             Our Summer Bridges Summer School began its last week of the program today. Over the previous two weeks, the students and staff at our learning camp have been actively involved with curriculum and instruction using the materials and strategies provided by MECCA. .
             Our early primary grades embrace literacy by focusing on specific phonemic awareness as well as whole language skills. I have observed lessons that allow students to clap, snap, and stomp in conjunction with learning a skill. The older primary grades tend to engage in literary activities with topics that are prominent in their social environments. I witnessed detailed discussions and read descriptive accounts from students prior to and after engaging in literacy activities. .
             Teachers are using prior knowledge to build on students" skills. I was amazed at responses given by the students at all grade levels, when the teachers challenged them past the recall level of thinking. Teachers have incorporated mathematical strategies and games through which students learn and are entertained. .
             The entire staff continues to meet each Tuesday morning. Some teachers seemed concerned with inconsistent information presented at our separate professional development sessions. We use our staff meetings to enjoy breakfast, share best practices, and clear all minds of discrepancies. .
             I have seen a remarkable difference in the attitude of teachers working through the summer program, versus the regular school year. My personal goal is to inspire co-educators, staff, parents, and students to be enthusiastic throughout the entire school year. I am pleased that thoughts have been sparked and minds have been open on our literary journeys this summer. .

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