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College writing

             Dyer stated that, "The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind". This quote means that if my state of mind is positive, then my state of life will be reflection of my positive state of mind. Also, if my state of mind were negative, then my state of life would be a reflection of my negative state of mind. My state of mind is the attitude I have facing life and its challenges. This quote proves true in school, sports, and family. .
             Since my freshman year I feel that I could always improve in academic aspects of my life; no matter what happens, what challenges, I always tried hard and believed in my capabilities. This positive state of mind helped me succeed so far. It gave me the stamina, the courage, and the perseverance to focus on my schoolwork. As a result my report cards improved and I am confident for the rest of my high school years. My state of mind really helped my state of life. .
             A similar experience happened in sports. Daily exercise, in particular running, helped me to have a healthy body; this is basic to have a great state of mind in my opinion, as mental and physical aspects are very much linked. It is not easy to get up earlier every morning, and to go for a run before school. However, the dedication, and the hard work gave me self-satisfaction beside the opportunity to be part of the track and field team. The result is that I feel great in my mind and in my body. .
             This summer we have been in France for the wedding of my older brother; I haven't had an opportunity to be at Iona for the soccer tryouts and couldn't obviously make the team, which I would have loved very much. It enticed me to be part of the Track and Field team, giving me a chance to represent my school. I look at this positively and I am already looking forward to making soccer tryouts next year for my senior year. It gave me a chance to feel really good about the way I handle challenges in my life.

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