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self homor

             In Society of the early nineteen hundreds, the ideas that a person with self-honor is admirable, a person of high class is intelligent, and a person's socio-economic status ranks where to live were generally accepted. The Time Machine, written by H.G. Wells, clearly conveys these points through the plot and development of characters. The imaginative science fiction novel takes the time traveler eight thousand years into the future where he realizes that social position and wealth are not necessarily determinants for the level of wisdom and respect that one may have. These futuristic ideas introduced to the time traveler contrast that which he knew and revolutionize his views on life. In the novel The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, self-honor, intelligence, and socio-economic status is what determines how a person lives, not who they are.
             Not many people are known to have the quality of self-honor. The ability to be independent and not care what others think is a strong characteristic. The character of the Time Traveler possesses this very quality. He builds a time machine to travel through the future and the past, but naturally nobody believes him. When he holds a dinner party with important men of the town he conveys to them, what he has built. Of coarse like most, the men wanted proof. The Time Traveller put on a little demonstration for them and they still did not believe. The Time Traveller did not get discouraged by there disbelief, instead he would prove it to them by actually experiencing it for real, and telling them all the details upon his return. This proves to show he has self-honor for himself, and he believes in what he does. One thing that contradicts with this is the fact that he wants everyone to believe that the Time Traveler works. Which is understandable because he worked so hard for something he truly believed in. To have no one think what you invented could possibly ever work is very heart-breaking, and makes a person feel like there whole life's work was for nothing.

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