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Teenagers in Depression

            It has come to my attention, that there are quite a few, or need I say many people who have problems with themselves and are in a state of depression. There are many stories that I have read and also dealt with myself about the different causes of this extreme low self esteem. Why does it seem like no one understands us? Why do we have to feel this way? The solution is to simply end everything because then there will be no suffering. No no, that's no answer to any problem. We as teenagers have to show our strength to fight this confusing and demanding period of our lives. I will elaborate on just one or two of the many reasons depression strikes once again. .
             A big factor that many are quite familiar with is self injury. May it be burning, cutting, or other harmful actions to oneself, it is certainly not healthy. What exactly is the reason for inflicting injury upon ourselves? Do we even know? Personally, my cutting started all because of something pretty dumb if you ask me. I hurt the best person to me in the world and I messed everything up that I had with them. He told me time and time again how horribly I broke his heart and each time it felt like a knife was being stabbed through my heart deeper and deeper. I couldn't take it anymore; I went mad. I picked up a knife one day and sliced my arm. What on earth was happening? Well, it seems that I took all the hurt that I have caused him and put it physically on me. If he had to hurt so much, well then I should suffer just as much. It's been over a year now since I have started it and well, as many know it becomes quite addictive you can't seem to stop. .
             The last time that I have cut myself was about 2 weeks ago, and I"m proud staying away from the blade that long. I know that if I try really hard I can overcome the temptation of simply hurting myself to take away the stress and tension built up inside. Instead I go for a run or crank my music up really loud and let out all the negative energy that is slowly manifesting inside my body.

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