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hamlet's delimmas

             The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, examines responses to significant dilemmas. The characters of Hamlet and Laertes undergo dilemmas. Shakespeare shows us that sometimes a person involved in dilemmas make choices that have bad result. .
             Shakespeare focuses most of the dilemmas in the play on Hamlet. Hamlet's dilemmas begin when his father's ghost tells that old King Hamlet has been murdered by Claudius. The first of Hamlet's dilemmas is that he must choose who to tell about what the ghost said to hi,. He decides to tell Horatio. His choice is hard because he has to keep the secret about what Claudius has done. If Claudius knows Hamlet knows the truth, he will attempt to kill Hamlet and Hamlet is not sure the message of the ghost is true so he wants to know it is true or not through the play. The story of the play is the same as what the ghost said that Claudius had done to old king. When the act playing the murderer pours the poison into the sleeping king's ear, Claudius rises and cries out for light. Hamlet is convinced that ghost's saying is true because Claudius acts like madman. Hamlet then swears vengeance on Claudius. The first chance hamlet gets for revenge is when Claudius is in the prayer room. Hamlet could kill Claudius is praying because there is nobody around. Hamlet chooses not to kill him if he does, Claudius will go to heaven. Hamlet thinks Claudius is enemy and he should go to hell but that is good chance to kill hi, because of this not to kill him is a hard choice.
             "Time is out of joint o, caused spite that even I was how to set it right"(act1).
             however, his decision brings bad results because other people die. Hamlet kills Polonius who is hided by an arras. His thought the guy behind the arras was Claudius. Ophelia has a mental problem and finally she commit suicide. Polonius' son, Laertes comes back from England and joins Claudius. They attempt revenge upon Hamlet. Hamlet has had another enemy.

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