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            Describe several activities encompassed by the distribution variable.
             First of all, let me define distribution variable. These are the activities that make products available to customers when and where they want to purchase them. It is also a marketing mix variable. For example, Mini-convenient store at the Gas Stations, they provide little stuff that needs most to the traveler. My personals experience like I went the BJ's wholesale store few days ago. Its huge place so after shopping some stuff and checkout it took about hour. Right before the exit, there is pizza-hut restaurant inside BJ's, I couldn't resist. So I sat down relaxes, had nice meal and took off. Best example could be the wending machine at the MBCC. Even I couldn't stop my self from going there, cause I know its there. It's a low storage cost and inventory is enough for all. Explain why marketing efforts should be oriented toward creating and To keep up an exchange relationship, buyer must be satisfied with the obtained good, service, or idea, and sellers must be satisfied with the financial incentive or something else of value received. A dissatisfied customer who lacks trust in the relationship often searches instead for different organizations or products.
             What are the three ways that marketing environment forces affect a marketer's ability to create satisfying exchange relationships?.
             The forces of the marketing environment affect a marketer's ability to facilitate exchange in three ways. First, they influence customers by affecting their lifestyles, standards of living, and preferences and needs for products. Second, marketing environment forces help determine whether and how a marketing manager can perform certain marketing activities. Third, environmental forces may affect a marketing manager's decision and actions by influencing buyers' reactions to the firm's marketing mix. Define the term Value, and explain how people determine a product's value.

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