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The Necessity of Human Greed

            Most people believe that greed is a part of human nature. It may even be said that greed is the "ultimate scrooge" of human nature. Nearly everyone dreams of being financially secure and being able to better themselves materialistically. This is the driving force behind the theory of capitalism. .
             The society that we as Americans live in today perpetuates the need for greed through the voice of the media. Expensive clothes, overly-excessive accessories, and nice cars dominate television commercials and the pages of magazines. From the time we are born, these luxuries are presented to us as normalities, leading us to believe that these items are, in essence, necessities. This, in turn, leads to more greed and the jealousy of others.
             Without this greed, however, there would be no need to become successful. There would be no need to further oneself through education. There would be no need to work hard and provide for the society. Everyone would have identical possessions. Everyone would be, in a sense, equal. We would live in a communist society. While the theory of socialism and communism may look appealing on paper, due to the fact that greed does exist in human nature, this utopian society is nothing more than a far-fetched idea. The Soviet Union clearly proved communism does not work.
             Although greed may seem as if it is malevolent in nature, it is, in fact, beneficial to society as a whole. Without greed there would be no such thing as capitalism. In turn, there would be no such thing as the United States of America. As for greed being the "ultimate scrooge," even Ebenezer Scrooge became a kind heart in "A Christmas Carol." .

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