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My Heaven

            If I could create my own heaven, for me to exist in eternally when I die, it would be much like the world we have now - except without all the things in this world that make my life on earth a living hell. For example, there would be no money. Thus, there would be no capitalists, only socialists. There would be no need to trade because everyone would have everything they needed. Upon arriving at heaven, one would lose all memory and theory of all the things that made our world evil. These are things and ideas such as greed, lust, jealousy, fear, and anger, to name a few. I believe that a perfect living on earth can not exist because humans themselves are not perfect to begin with, in that they possess such ideas.
             Some people and peoples have learned to free their minds of the world temporarily, but this peaceful state only exists within the mind; necessities like the need to eat and sleep would still co-exist. Since they, along with the previously mentioned ideas of human nature, were always a displeasure to the human life, I would just get rid of them altogether. Imagine; although you could if you wanted to, you would never have to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom. You would always be clean and of good health, and all the troubles and displeasures of the old world would simply disappear. It would always be warm outside, and if you liked the snow there would be snow but it wouldn't melt.
             Heaven would be constructed with each individual living inside their own dimension so that whoever was there could have whatever he or she wants. Everyone would be loving and compassionate towards one-another. The writers would be writers, and the painters would be painters. Things like computers are merely tools for calculation and communication, and wouldn't be needed on heaven. In fact, nothing would be needed in heaven, since things like greed have already been forgotten. Just a peaceful environment filled with the joyous souls of yesterday, singing and dancing and making merry with one-another eternally and forever.

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