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             As the conflicts between the characters and Hamlet's .
             inner conflicts become more complex, Ophelia is caught in the middle. She can't deal with the .
             overwhelmingly shocking emotions caused by the many unforeseen and tragic events. In the .
             beginning, Hamlet and Ophelia's relationship seems like an ordinary dating couples"; Hamlet .
             makes "many tenders of his affection" on her, as well as "importuning [her] with love in an .
             honorable fashion" and making "almost all the holy vows of heaven." (1.3) However, Ophelia is .
             then frankly told by both her father and brother, whom she dearly loves, that Hamlet does not .
             actually love her, that she is not good enough for him, and his only purpose in wooing her is to .
             steal away her pure, precious virginity. She is not certain whether or not any of this is true, as she .
             admits to her father with the words, "I do not know, my lord, what I should think." (1.3) .
             Ophelia, being the loyal and obedient daughter that she is, obeys her father's instructions and .
             refuses to return Hamlet's "affections". Hamlet then comes to her one night, perhaps mad or .
             perhaps still just pretending to be mad, and out-and-out confuses poor Ophelia's young, innocent .
             mind. When Ophelia describes the encounter she explains how "To speak of horrors-he came .
             before me.He took me by the wrist and held me hard." Hamlet stares at her for a while, then .
             sighs and departs down the stairs without taking his eyes off of her. Ophelia is further confused .
             when she is told that Hamlet does in fact love her, and it is her fault that he seems to be going .
             mad. She innocently agrees to help spy on Hamlet without thinking of the possible consequences. .
             During their encounter, Hamlet treats her as though she is utterly hateful. His sudden passionate .
             change of attitude is very perplexing to Ophelia, as she has done nothing to intentionally anger .
             him. Hamlet, possibly feeling betrayed by Ophelia or maybe just insane, says, "I did love you .

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