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The Holy Grail

             Do you want eternal nourishment of the body and soul? Do you want a cup that once you drink from it, that it can heal any wound? Well, you can have both of these things if you can find the Holy Grail. Although many have died searching for this mystic object, some still keep searching. First answering the question what is the Holy Grail to when Jesus had his last supper then to King Arthur sending his knights out on a mystic quest to find the grail to where the grail could possibly be today. This is an amazing legend, with many heroes going out on perilous and mystical quests.
             There are many different ideas of what the grail actually is. The most widely accepted idea is that the Holy Grail is the cup, or chalice, Christ drank from during the Last Supper. Some believe it was the dish in which Pilate washed his hands in before he judged Christ. Other theories suggest that it is the actual Ark of the Covenant, a book written by Jesus himself, the cup that Mary of Magdala used to put perfume on Jesus Christ's feet, or that it is a stone that fell from Lucifer's crown as he was falling out of heaven to Hell. One legend that is real far out there is that the grail is a mutant object that can assume many different shapes! Such as a cup, or chalice, a silver dish, a lance, or the secret book that Jesus wrote. Assuming the cup, or chalice, is the grail, the rest of the speech is going to inform the reader on that legend.
             The legend first starts during the last supper. Jesus Christ was eating his last meal before his crucifixion with his disciples. He filled a cup made of a cup of wine. He then passed around the table to each of his disciples, telling them to "drink his blood"". He then was crucified on the cross. When he was brought down from the cross, Joseph of Arimathea collected blood from one of Jesus Christ's wounds in the cup that was used in the last supper. Joseph of Arimathea left Jerusalem after the crucifixion.

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