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how to build a computer

            If you"re thinking of buying a new computer soon from one of the over-priced companies such as Dell, Gateway, or Hewlett Packard; you might want to think twice about buying one. I know it's pretty convenient, ordering one right over the phone with one of these companies, but it also costs a lot of money. They come with one year tech support and lots free software, but it's just not worth it to me. I"d much rather save about $400, and still get a computer that will blow the competitors away. I"m going to show you how you can have a speedy computer for a lot less than the leading computer companies. Building your own computer rather than buying one will save you a ton of money and a lot hassle.
             People think that building a computer is a really complicated task, but it's not. I"m going to start by explaining each and every part in a computer, and when I get done you"ll realize there's hardly anything. When building a computer, the first thing you want to buy is an empty computer case. You can find these online or at your local computer store. Now when buying a computer case there is one thing you have to know. If your planning on putting a Pentium 4 processor in this computer than you need to buy a case that's P4 ready. Ask a salesman in the store, they will help you pick out the perfect case. Now the case is just an empty box with a power supply, that's all it is. Once you buy that, then its time to start putting computer parts in it. The next thing you need to buy is the Motherboard and Processor. I like to buy Motherboard Combos, which means the processor comes with the board, this is usually cheaper than buying them separate. When you get that, you can follow the easy instructions with the product and install it in your computer. It's mostly just a few screws for securing the motherboard to the case and then sliding the processor into its slot on the motherboard. All the instructions come with pictures so you can't mess up.

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