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How To Build A Computer

             The assembly of a computer can be a simple process if you have the correct knowledge. Thought the technology has moved forward in a very rapid pace, it has remained relatively simple in it's assembly. Working a computer step by step can be very fast and easy if you know the steps. As long as you have the knowledge and know the process you can assemble it, if not here is how.
             In order to build a computer you need to have a computer case where all the components of the computer will be stored. There are tow types of computer cases. The first type is called AT case which is used for the older computers, and the second one is called ATX case which is used for resent computers. Cases also come in different sizes, colors and styles. .
             The next part you need is a Motherboard:.
             All of the components of the computer plug into the Motherboard. Every Motherboard comes with Bus Speed, the higher the Bus Speed the faster the computer will run. There are two types of Motherboards one is made for Intel CPU and the other one is for Athlon .
             CPU. After you got the Motherboard you need a Central Processing Unit (CPU). CPU is the brain of the computer. With out a CPU you have no computer even if you have the rest of the parts. All computer transactions go through the CPU. After a few minutes of working the CPU gets very hot. To cool it off it requires a fan to be attached to it at all times. Without a fan the CPU will burn in just a matter of minutes, or even seconds. .
             The next part you need is called Random Access Memory, which is also known as RAM. Ram comes in different megabytes (mg). It starts from 16 mg and all the way to 1 gig on one stick. Ram allows the computer to run all of its applications. The more ram you have in the computer the faster applications will run. After you got the Ram you need a Hard Drive. Hard Drive allows you to store different kind operating systems such as, windows 95, 98, 98se, 2000, 2000pro, xp, xp pro.

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