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Goals Of The Preamble

             There are five goals stated in the Preamble to the U.
             I really don't think overall the goals have been met to my approval. The first one is to Establish Justice. That means to me to have great law enforcement and to punish criminals. I give that a six in rating. There is a racial bias in the court system. Their was this documentary called On A Sunday Morning. It was about this black 15-year-old boy (Brendan) on trial for murdering an old white lady. The witness was the husband. The husband identified Brendan as the killer. The boy had too much stuff up against him to prove he was not guilty, but the husband just was so sure Brendan was the killer. On that day justice was done. They found the boy not guilty and the boy sued the police for beating him also. The police handled that poorly, just because he was black and around the area after the fact it happened doesn't mean they had the right to treat him that way. I feel as though if he were white it wouldn't have been that way. The second one is to Insure Domestic Tranquility. To me that mean to have peace at home and within our country, I give that a rating of three. The September 11th attacks made me feel so not safe. If people can hijack planes with box-cutters than who knows what else they could do. What also makes me feel not so safe is the sniper. He could be anywhere, you could be anywhere, and then you are gone just like that. .
             The third one is to Provide for the Common Defense. To me this means to have an good army, I give that a rating of nine. I personally think that's all we are doing right. I really don't know too much about our army and navy, but I"m alive doing okay so I figure they are doing a good job. The fourth one is to Promote the General Welfare. To me this means to help for the "good" of everyone. I give this a rating of five. I mean they do help low income families a good bit, but they also don't help all people. If that were the case they would not be many homeless people on Canal St.

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