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Glory: The 54th Regiment

             The 54th regiment is honored for their bravery and attempt to bring about the best for their country, struggling through many barriers dealing with prejudice and discrimination, this regiment attacked and kept its strength to overcome their obstacles and become one of the first black regiment's to fight for the United States. These troops were one of the first black soldiers to become great defenders of the United States military, they determined themselves and risked their lives, learning all of the proper techniques and tactics to defeat the enemy. Although defeating the enemy was the 54th's regiment first and major priority, they had another challenge to deal and overcome on a daily basis. This conflict dealt with the ultimate idea of having blacks and whites joined to fight for the same cause, being a whole and accepting themselves as equal. It is very obvious to understand the difficulty that came within the integration of these different habits and cultures led by these men. Although these men had a hard time trying to live a proper life in which there wasn't any higher or lesser individual, as time progressed, these soldiers began to inhabit their differences and judge themselves equals. These brave and honored soldiers learned how to accept each other and fought for the freedom of their country. These men not only fought for our country but set up an example of what American stands for and how Americans should live.
             "That the sane courage, sprit and honor which has brought us together, will one day restore this Union, may God bless us all." These words were given by an extraordinaire Colonel who did his best in attempting to bring about a great and strong regiment. Although at first it was very difficult to control and properly guide the black individuals who were being trained to become soldiers, Colonel Robert Shaw was always optimistic and had faith for his regiment.

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