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cell phones

             Do you think that cell phones should be allowed in school? I feel that cell phones should be allowed in school in case of emergencies. They are also good if your children play any sports in school. Another reason they are helpful in that if your kid stays after you he can call you and let you know. Here are some examples as to why I feel that cell phones should be allowed in school.
             If your children play sports after school, when practices is over they are going to need to call home for a ride. What if your child game is away and you don't know when they will be coming back home. And they will need to call you and let you know when they arrive at the school. And the schools in the school that they can use don't call cell phones if that is the only way that they can contact you by. What if your son or daughter forgot to tell you that se had to stay after school for a make up test she needs to call for a ride home.
             What about if y our child doesn't take the bus home and gets a ride home with a friend they will have to call you and let you know. What about on Friday some kids like to stay after school and hang out with their friends. They will call you and let you know where they are at so you won't get all worried about were they are at. Your child is going to need a cell phone in case of an emergency that may take place in your child" s school. Here is an example of an emergency that could take place in their school. .
             One day at our school a person called in a bomb treat to our school. All the kids had to be rushed out of the school with no jackets or anything and it was very cold outside that day. Even the kids that were in swimming were out side in there bathing suits in a bus. The buses had to be called for those who rode the buses but what about the kids that don't ride the bus their parents pick them up after school. How were they going to get home if they needed to call for rides to pick them up.

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