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            In this article it talks about a young girl named Nicole who had left her mother Elaine, a suicide note one early morning. The letter stated "Dear Mom, By the time you get this I"ll be gone. It's not your fault. It's no one's fault. I was just sick of everything and I needed to get away." This October morning Elaine was sleeping after have working a hard night at her pizza parlor. Nicole had awaken her mother to tell her that she wasn't feeling to well and that she wasn't going to go to school. It was 7:45 am and Elaine was so tired that she just fell back asleep thinking nothing of it. At 9:30 Elaine was disturbed by something and immediately went to Nicole's room to see if she was feeling better. Elaine was having troubles getting the door opened and she thought that Nicole had been asleep because of the heavy breathing noises coming from her room but she couldn't get Nicole to wake up. Elaine gave the door another push and when she did she had seen blood. Nicole was lying there with blood pouring out from a wound in her head. Nicole had shot herself in the head and by 3:05 that afternoon Nicole, age 15 was dead. .
             Suicide does not only influence individuals but it also influences families. It influences individuals because if they are having a problem maybe with friends or school they seem to look at suicide as a way of escaping these problems. It influences families because when someone commits suicide it effect friends, family and everyone in your surroundings. Teens go through a lot and if someone isn't there for them at that exact moment that they need them they turn to suicide as a way of escaping from everything and everyone. I think that this is exactly what happened with Nicole. She was having some problems with some friends or maybe school and her way of escaping that was by committing suicide. When she went to her mother in the morning she wasn't there for her at that moment so she took things into her own hands.

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