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            It is an undoubted fact of biological science that from the moment of conception, a new human life has been created. Only those who are irrational or ignorant of science doubt that when a human sperm fertilizes a human ovum, a new human being is created. If abortion is the taking of a human life and yet people feel that it should be just a personal matter between a woman and a doctor there seems to be two choices open to them. First, that they would believe that other acts of destruction to human beings should be of no concern of society and therefore, eliminate them from the criminal code. Secondly, because a person is not close to the deceased, they shouldn't be concerned with their death. I agree that the fetus has not developed full potential as a human being, but, neither have any of us. Nor will any of us ever reach that level of perfection. Because some of us may be less far along the path than others, does not give them the right to kill us. Those in favor of abortion assume that they have that right. To say that a ten week fetus has a less value that a baby, means also that one must consider a baby of less value then a child, a young adult of less value than an old man. This idea is completely absurd. Some try to excuse the murder of a person because the mother might have been forced upon pregnancy due to either the tragedy of rape or incest. I am not condemning the crime that the female had to undergo, but I will also not condemn abortion. No sane reasoning can place the slightest blame on the unborn child it might produce. Murder is never justified, even to relieve a great pain, and even if there was a prior injustice, such as the child being forced on the woman against her will. Should we compound the psychic scar already inflicted on the matter by her having the guilt of destroying a living being which was at least half her own? While it is easy to feel that abortion is being performed for the sake of the fetus, in reality abortions are performed for adults.

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