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Bill of Rights

             The Bill of Rights has guided our nation towards excellence for centuries by setting rules and regulations for everyone. It protects the people from government taking over or using their power in ways in which the people deemed unfair. It allows for the people to have control over the government by allowing them to exercise their opinions through legislature assuming the majority shares these views.
             Over the years there have been instances where changes were necessary and those changes have been made to accommodate social groups such as African Americans and women. This document gives everyone the protection they need from persecution. This protection has been a motivating force for people to find ways to better society. It established a way for inventors to claim credit for their efforts while protecting them from fraudulent people who would otherwise attempt to steal ideas or claim false credit for those ideas. Having protection like this was a driving force in our Industrial Revolution.
             The Bill of Rights has also protected people with new views of government, social issues, and foreign affairs to share these opinions without the fear of being imprisoned. Without this document satire authors like that of "The Jungle" we would not have regulations on our nations processed meats and other goods. The benefits of the Bill of Rights are immeasurable, and it's impact on our society immense. It has encouraged this nation to venture out past its boundaries and strive for greatness. It has put America in the spotlight and made us the envy of many who are too unfortunate to have a document to protect them molding their government.

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