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Bill Of Rights

            The Bill of Rights originates from 13th century England when King John attempted to curb baron dominancy over the people of the colonies. The Bill of Rights at the time protected the people from exploitations through due process and the ruler of the land. When the English settlers came to America they formulated the Bill of Rights which contained 10 Amendments outlining the rights of the people over the government as well as the government's freedom to rule over its people. The purpose had been to form a clear definition of rights so that the people are more aware of their social status. Today the Bill of Rights has been under a microscope so to speak after the incident of September 11. President Bush's administration with his new proposal to amend the Bill of Rights has raised many voices [Sunstein 2002]. The following sections analyzes what implication does Bush's Bill of Rights have on the original Bill of Rights and what elements is the new proposal potentially could be violating. .
             The original Bill of Rights was created with the view to promote democracy and protect the state instead of the individual liberty. The basic premise had been to focus on the governance of the majority and not the minority [Sunstein, 1998]. According to Ackerman's analysis of the US constitution, history has had many faults in its recording especially the latitude of the Federal Convention provided in 1787 and later on during the Reconstruction period. The authority developed the Constitution to end the people's resentment and to assure them of their sovereign will in the social strata. "There is no doubt that the so called democracy that many of us believe in is in fact authoritative governance" [qt. Rosen 1999].
             The original Bill of Rights is basically a narrative of the protection of the people under the law and it prevents war representatives to exploit the people. At the time religion had been the dominant force behind the Bill thus allowing the people to form the First Amendment which reflected the people's colonializing way of life [West,p.

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