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Bill of Rights

             On September 12, five days before the Convention adjourned, Mason and Gerry raised the question of adding a bill of rights to the Constitution. But the motion of Gerry and Mason to appoint a committee to make a bill of rights was rejected. (Ferrand 587) Again, on September 14, Pinckney and Gerry sought to add a provision that the liberty of the Press should be inviolably observed ". But after Sherman said that it was unnecessary, because the power of Congress does not extend to the Press,' this suggestion too was rejected. (Ferrand 617) It is unknown why the Convention opposed the bill. Maybe the lateness of the Convention, maybe they did what to cause more confusion when the states had to ratify it, or just maybe all these are the reasons. (Schwartz 435) Finally, the opponents would not ratify it unless it had a declaration of rights. So several states met to make the rights of the people. In all 124 amendments were made by these States. The House of Representatives adopted 17 amendments The Senate reduced the amendments to twelve, which were accepted by the House and sent on to the states where ten were ratified on December 15, 1791. (Schwartz 451) From then on the Bill of Rights has represented the natural rights that all human beings have in the United States and plays a vital role in guaranteeing the freedom of citizens, no matter what race or sex. .
             Under the first amendment of the Constitution the right of religion, speech, press, and peacefully assembling is reserved. No one has the right to make a law that would obstruct these rights. The amendment has been interpreted for the safety of all people. The freedom of speech can be stopped if the actions of the words would cause someone of the public to get hurt or damage of property. (Hickok 136) The freedom of religion has been rarely changed, but constantly challenged by many people who will not do a variety of things such as say the Pledge of Allegiance or the Boy Scout Oath.

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