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            Could you be a hero and not even know it? To be a hero, you don't have to be smart, strong, or even kind. The only thing that you need is good timing, the right response to a situation, and recognition. Although there are some people out there whose job it is, is to be a hero, it doesn't guarantee them to become a hero. There is nothing you can do to become a hero, other than to do the right thing.
             The first thing that needs to happen, in order for someone to become a hero, is to be at the right place, at the right time. They have to be in a situation, and they may or may not be prepared. Timing is everything, and an example of this would be the man who stops the burglar from getting away with the old lady's purse on a crowded city sidewalk. This man would be considered a hero. If it weren't for this man being on this sidewalk when the old lady was being mugged, he would not have had the opportunity to "save the day". Without the proper opening to become a hero, a hero will never be born.
             Sure, a hero needs the right situation, but they also need the exact response to the opportunity given to them. The action taken can make or break the future hero, and if the right response is given by the person, then the result is a new hero. When Jack, in Jack and the Bean Stock, cut down the bean stock and left the giant falling to his death, he responded to the situation in a way that made him a hero in many people's eyes. If Jack wouldn't have chopped down the bean stock, the giant would have probably crushed his bones to make his bread. So, if a hero is not given the opportunity to let his colors show, they never will.
             So you have a situation, and you have the response to the situation, all you need now is recognition. If nobody notices the act that has been done, then that person goes without becoming a hero. But, if as much as one person notices this person's good deed, and recognizes him as a hero, that person will then become a hero.

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