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            When Mary Shelley first created the book Frankenstein, she didn't realize that she was about to modify the meaning of the word scary. The book lit a flame that spread through the world of writing like a forest fire. Yes after the book was published it sold many copies, and many spawns were created from the book. But, was Mary Shelley's first book all that great? Do you really think that the book could compete with any of the present day scary books? I don't think so, and I don't believe that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is really that good. To begin, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein offered no scientific explanation for this unrealistic book. The book is a fictional book, so the plot line can be completely unbelievable, but the story line must make sense. We are alerted during the book that the monster was created by using electricity to bring it to life. Even though she explains that they used electricity she did not give us any explanation. The reason how the process works is not explained in the book. In many books, the writer tries to get the reader to feel that he/she is in the book. The writer normally tries to achieve this effect with action and suspense. Sadly, Frankenstein has none of these three things in it. Perhaps I am the only one that feels this way, but I never felt like I was in the main character's head; and not even once was I able to see through the victim's eyes. The book gets very boring when the book does not have any of these elements. The book is always mentioning, in extreme detail, irrelevant objects or purposeless actions of the characters. They mention irrelevant actions like: they are walking awkwardly. After reading bunches of pages like this, the reader gets bored out of their brains. Only twice during the entire book is the story even somewhat suspenseful. And only once is there any action, and that didn't come until late in the story. The book lacks explanation of the background information of the characters.

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