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            As we all know marijuana is Illeagal in the united states. The rational behind these laws is that marijuana can lead to hard drug use, and that marijuana is a dangerous drug.
             It is my intent to discuss these myths and to show that our current marijuana laws are unconstitutional.
             MYTH Everyone knows that marijuana causes hard drug use. The government proved that back in the 1970's. .
             While it is true that in a government survey among those imprisoned on charges related to hard drug use over eighty percent of hard drug users reported having used Marijuana, .
             it is also true that in the early nineteen eighties N.O.R.M.L.(the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) did a survey of it's members that showed that less than twenty percent of Marijuana users use hard drugs. .
             Granted N.O.R.M.L.'s survey was restricted to it's membership and may not accurately represent the actual figures for the general population, but since their members come from the ranks of ordinary citizens N.O.R.M.L 's survey is much more likely to give a more complete picture of reality than a survey that only included convicted hard drug users.
             MYTHMarijuana is a dangerous drug. It is addictive,and using too much of it can cause you to over dose and die.
             Yes, many people do consider Marijuana to be a dangerous drug. .
             But what makes it dangerous?.
             Let's look at a rational system for deciding if a drug is dangerous.
             First of all is there a lethal dose for the drug? .
             Aspirin has a lethal dose, as do most pain relievers,so does Alcohol. .
             Marijuana has no known lethal dose.
             A second factor to look at is whether a drug is physically addictive. .
             Caffeine is physically addictive, as are Nicotine and Alcohol. .
             Marijuana is not physically addictive.
             A third thing to look at is if a substance causes direct damage to our bodies. .
             Many of us ingest substances in our day to day lives that can cause harm to our bodies including cholesterol rich foods, Nicotine, and Alcohol.

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